Wifi Range test

Written by Justin Goetz -

Recently, my grandmother was introduced to the internet. Great, right? But to me it seems pointless for her to pay $50+ per month for internet just so she can get online maybe for 20 minutes per day. Our houses are very close, Maybe only 700-900 feet away from eachother. So I figured, why not just run a simple wifi link to her house? I've seen it done before many times. But problems soon arose, I have no direct line of sight, and her house is at a higher elevation than mine, enough of a difference to make it so I can't see her house. However, there is a forest behind my house which is consistently level. So I figured I would run the wifi link though there. Just as a test, I setup a battery powered wifi router in the forest and went to see how far I could walk before the link was dropped. My results are posted below in the video.

So as you can see, the signal cut out nearly the half range point. Below is a photo showing the area where the signal cut out.

Maybe I would have more luck if I were to use a device more powerful than a wimpy iPod, but its a good general test. I'll update posts on my blog as I figure out a solution to get wireless internet delivered to my destination.