Using a phone as a computer?

Written by Justin Goetz -

So I've been seeing on some tech news sources that recently a survey was done that shows that some people use only their phone as their main source to the internet. I then proceeded to read that these news sources feel that smartphones will "replace computers" someday. I so strongly disagree.

Now granted, smartphones can do a lot. They're great for the occasional use, I use mine all the time for email, web browsing, and SSH-ing into my servers. But using it as a full on replacement? Sounded insane. So for a full day I tried to only use my phone as my main computer to see if people really can use them as replacements. Right off the bat, I had to cheat and use a bluetooth keyboard. I absolutely cannot stand touch screen keyboards (I still don't know how anyone can type anything more than a few words without messing up on a touch screen). Right off the bat I found my productivity brought to a halt, given the fact multitasking on iOS is nearly impossible. (If possible, a huge annoyance). I'm so used to my 3 screen setup (The link if you want to see my setup) that it took me a while to get used to using this tiny little screen. So given the fact that I'm limited to doing pretty much a single task on a phone, my work that I got done for that day was completely unacceptable compared to what I could get done on a PC.

I personally couldn't see smartphones taking over the place of a computer. Can you run business programs on your phone? What about writing a 5 page document? Oh and the joys of multitasking, how are you going to share that document with a friend while trying to chat with them at the same time? Let me know in the comments your opinion on the smartphones vs computers debate.