My IP Camera died.

Written by Justin Goetz -

Few months back I purchased an IP Camera. When I first bought this cheap, Chinese, unbranded (I later found out its made by Jovsision, a Chinese company who seems to produce tons of these units which then get some random name stamped on them) security camera, all I had in mind was just messing around with it. But after a while I noticed just how useful these things are!

So, I decided to mount it outside to watch over my front yard. Now, this right here was probably a dumb idea, given it was an INDOOR camera. but I did it anyway. I put the camera up in July. Its currently December. This thing lasted almost 5 months outdoors! If that's not a testament to the little $20 IP camera, I don't know what is.

For 5 months it recorded to my server (running ZoneMinder). But, now that it no longer worked, I did a quick tear-down of it. I already have a few replacement IP cameras (also coming from china) that are outdoor rated now to replace this unit, so I figured why not. Below are some photos of the camera (Click to enlarge) out of its case. Pretty cool little camera! In the photos, you can see the camera IR LED ring, the camera sensor and lens, and the motherboard.
The motherboard also has some pins labeled "3v3" and "USB", but nothing was going into them. I assumed this was a generic chinese IP camera board that must be used in tons of different models. Maybe a motor controller port? Who knows.
There where also 4 pins placed near the CPU also labeled "3v3". Possibly a console hookup? I wish I had the equipment to view the console output and see whats up with the board.


Written by KevinFof -

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Written by Aideohyday -

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