Migrated my site to a new server

Written by Justin Goetz -

So I finally got around to migrating this site to a new webserver. My old webserver VM was originally Debian 6, upgraded to 7. As of now, it was still stuck on Debian 7, and after attempting to upgrade to Debian 9 and subsequently causing apache and mysql to explode, I figured it'd be best to start from scratch. After all, that webserver VM was the first server I ever created.

It was funny to look back to when I first started messing with servers, and all the mistakes I made on that VM. I'm also pretty impressed that I actually managed to create that VM way back in 2011 on Virtual box on windows, migrate it to virtualbox on linux, finally to migrate it to ProxMox. I'm going to preserve a backup of it just for fun, just something special to me as one of my oldest VMs.
RIP Old Webserver: 2011-2018

I'll be posting more useful info here soon I promise.


Written by Anonymous -

Servers are fun! Looking forward to more awesome posts!