Labor Law Rant

Written by Justin Goetz -

So I turned 16 on April 17th. Fantastic. Now let me apply for a job.

I didn't look into getting a job much before I turned 16, and wow was I in for a surprise when it came time to apply. Living in Pennsylvania, I have to follow my state's rules when it came to minor's applying to get a job. In order to get a job, you apparently have to get a work permit. My parents both said they never had to get a work permit when they applied for their jobs at 16 (This was in the 80s). So I did some digging, and found that in 2013, Pennsylvania passed an even TOUGHER bill on minor labor laws. As if they weren't already restrictive enough, you now need to apply for a work permit from your local School District, sign several papers with your parents, wait for it to all get approved then finally get your "work permit".

The reason this angers me is because talking to my friend in Kentucky, and he could just walk up to a business after he turns 16 and get a job. Why does Pennsylvania have to complicate everything? By dragging in the "work permit" idea, this also drags the school district into play. My school should have nothing to do with my private work life. However, thanks to Pennsylvania's genius laws, my school can now pull the plug on my job if I don't "meet academic standards." My school life should still be irreverent to my work life, at least I'm doing something productive and making money opposed to sitting in a room all day listening to lectures.

That's just my rant about PA Labor Laws, nothing I can do to change them but hey I have a website I can complain on . Good enough, right?