Best ping app for iOS

Written by Justin Goetz -

Lets face it, trying any network diagnostics over iOS is near impossible, given its restrictive nature. But I found a good little app that does the trick.

For starters, it can Ping an IP, Ping an entire subnet, it can traceroute, netbios lookup, telnet, and list devices all in one app. I use the "ping entire subnet" all the time.

Its a short but sweet description, since it does what you expect it to do. Which is ping IP addresses. I would recommend this app for anyone needing a good, simple to use, app to ping devices on a network (and even an entire subnet).

The app is made by "MochaSoft" and is available for download at this link. The site says the app costs $3.99, however I suggest getting the "lite" version, it still does mostly what the main paid app does. Here is a link to the itunes page for ping lite.