Andriod Signal Information

Written by Justin Goetz -

Recently a friend of mine was in need of putting up an antenna on his remote cabin, so he can get Sprint 3G Service while he is there. We wanted to test where the best location would be, and I thought, since my phone was on the sprint network, why not use that to see where the signal was best? But that would require an app.

After a bit of searching on the app store I downloaded a generic looking app called "Network Signal Info". This app was made by Kaibits Software. So far, this app has worked great for me. It gives you quite a bit of information, including a very nice interface that is easy to navigate and use.

My only complaint was the map. In the demo video, it shows the user clicking the map to see a list of nearby cell towers, however I could not get the app to load any towers near me what so ever.

All in all its a great app for looking up signal information of your carrier!