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At work we just decommissioned several Juniper MAG2600 VPN appliances. While wiping the configs before re-selling the units, I found one unit that would not turn on. I tested multiple power supplies, but this specific board would not POST.

So instead, I figured let's crack one of these open to see whats inside!

Surprisingly, these appear to be standard x86 boards, with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM on board. They appear to use some sort of customized bootloader to pull up JunOS. There is also a standard 160 GB WD Black drive (not shown in photos).

Another interesting portion of the board that stands is the multi-pin connector at the back of the board. In the MAG2600 case, these connectors are left disconnected. I wonder what the purpose of the connector is, almost as if you could run several of these in a shared chassis.

Hopefully someone finds this information useful for potential debugging. I wasn't able to get my unit up and running again, but there does appear to be numerous parts in these boxes that are easily serviceable.

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