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MoCA in my opinion is an awesome technology. However, the current MoCA adapters on the market are extremely overpriced, turning many away from MoCA. However, using a cheap old Verizon Actiontec router (can be found on ebay for around $15-20 used), we can create our own MoCA bridge for 1/10th the cost.

After seeing the need for a documented tutorial, I have written the following, which describes how to configure an old Verizon actiontec router as a dumb MoCA bridge, to extend your home network anywhere that coax exists.

Please, feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email if you need help!

Comprehensive guide to converting an old Actiontec router into a MoCA bridge

1. Purchase any old actiontec router off ebay. You can find them for cheap now that Verizon has started rolling out its new G1100 router. The revision or model does not matter, as long as its in the MI424WR family.

*Note: This tutorial assumes the device is not plugged into to the coax MoCA network at the time of setup.

2. Boot the router. You will need to plug your computer into one of the yellow LAN ports on the back of the router. Wait for your computer to connect, then open a web browser, and navigate to

* Note: This guide assumes that the router is in the stock factory state as shipped from Verizon. If you purchased your router 2nd-hand, you may want to do a quick factory reset to ensure a clean configuration. This is done by holding the reset button in on the back for about 30 seconds, until the Power LED turns red and flashes.

3. Login to the router. The username and password for some models is on a sticker, on the bottom of the device. If there is no sticker, the username and password are most likely admin / password.

4. Next, you will be brought to the router's main web interface. First, click on "My Network". Then go to "Network Connections".

5. After clicking "Network Connections" you should see the following page. There are two options here that we will need to click on. Repeat this process for both the "Broadband Connection (Coax)" and "Broadband Connection (Ethernet)" interfaces.

Click the interface. You should be brought to another page. Click the blue Disable button.

Click apply.

The router will reboot. Wait for the Power LED to turn green again, and the webpage should reload itself. Login to the router once more. Follow the instructions above to disable the other "Broadband Connection" interface.

After, you should see that both "Broadband Connection" interfaces are set to Disabled on the Network Connections page.

Next, click Network (Home/Office).

You will see a page titled Network (Home/Office) Properties. Click the blue Settings button at the bottom of the page:

The next page will show many options. It may seem overwhelming, but we only need to change a few settings. First thing we will need to change is the router's IP address. This is so you can still access the device once its put into bridge mode. Look for the section with the dropdown menu "Use the following IP address". Change this to something such as or anything other than your current router's IP (Usually Not performing this step will cause issues in your network, as it will conflict with your main router!

Now, scroll down a bit more to the section that says IP Address Distribution. There should be a dropdown menu with the option DHCP Server selected. We need to change this option from DHCP Server to Disabled. Once you choose Disabled, the page should look like this.

The router will ask you to wait while it applies the changes. From now on, you need to access the router by the new address you gave it (in the above example, we would now type into our browser to access the router).

At this point, your router is ready to be a MoCA bridge. Plug it into the Coax coming from your wall, then plug a client device into one of the yellow LAN ports of the router (DO NOT Use the white WAN port for plugging in devices!)

The connections should look like this:

If all is well, you will see an LED light up that says "LAN Coax".

Test by connecting a device to the LAN port of the newly configured MoCA bridge and ensure it has internet access.


Disable WiFi - Strongly recommended if router is being used as just a MoCA bridge and not a wireless repeater.

1. Login to the router again. (Remember, it has a new address now!)

Navigate to Wireless Settings > Basic Security Settings > Turn Wireless ON

Click the Off option nex to the "Turn Wireless ON" option.

Scroll down and click the blue Apply button. A page will ask you to confirm. Click Apply again. WiFi is now disabled.

You now have a fully functional MoCA bridge, for 1/10th the price.

Please feel free to copy this documentation and share it everywhere.

If you need assistance, please email me anytime,

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