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Welcome to my site. I'm Justin Goetz.

I'm a systems administrator, electronics hobbyist, open source enthusiast, and life long computer geek. Presently, I work at a local datacenter in my home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the past, I've worked on projects like PittMesh, where I had the pleasure of building one of the largest open-source mesh networks in my city. I've also worked with Anthony Stewart of DECO-Resources to build embedded sensors for environmental monitoring.

This site will be my personal place to keep notes and articles for various projects of mine that I work on. Hopefully you can find something of interest! This is my personal website, please do note that these articles are of my own creation, and do not reflect my employers, both former and present. Any correlated to reality is pure coincidence.

Please check out the Blog section on the left navbar to see some of my content.

Contact Me

Find something I did interesting? Want to chat? Have an idea for a cool tech project?

Feel free to send me a message any time!

I'm also active on riot. Message me any time (And feel free to visit for some cool projects)

My email PGP key can be found here:


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